From Thessaloniki to Halkidiki and from Kavala to Thassos and Alexandroupolis


Coasts lined with wonderful, easily accessible beaches but also mountains for those who seek the lure of high peaks; lakes, but also rivers, gentle reminders of the earth's fertility; small towns and major cities but also endless stretches of green fields and dense forests: all these are part of the attractive picture presented by Macedonia and Thrace, a region full of history and tradition.

Some areas such as Thessaloniki, Halkidiki, Kavalla and Thassos attract large numbers of visitors, eager to see their sights - some going back thousands of years, others more recent - and enjoy their facilities.

So before you set out for your holiday, let us take you on a little get - acquainted tour of the districts near the camp sites you'll be unique.

The starting point of our tour is, of course, lovely Thessaloniki. Not just because this is Greece's second largest city. And certainly not because it's the administrative and economic centre of  Northern Greece. But because it's the area's principal transportation hub.

As well as being a focal point for the arts and education, with cultural events of all kinds all year long and its Aristotelian University injecting additional vitality into its already lively scene. In September and October the city becomes even more vibrant with its famed International Trade Fair, Cinema Festival, and the events staged in honour of its patron saint Dimitrios around the end of October.