This part of our journey takes us northwest across the plain of Thessaly. It's a very special destination we're headed for now. We stop first at Trikala, with its castle overlooking the bridge over the river Lethaios that cuts through the town, and then on to Kalambaka and Kastraki. where you can stay while visiting the celebrated monasteries.

Precipitous rocks growing straight out of the earth rise vertically to a tremendous height; enormous pillars created eons ago, an astounding quirk of nature. And all the more extraordinary because of what man has added to them, for on their peaks pious monks built what must be the ultimate refuge. Between the 14th and 16th centuries, thirteen monasteries were erected on these outcroppings. Though now only six are occupied and visit able, they still provoke awe and admiration at the way they were constructed and the faith and determination that inspired them.

MeteoraThe six monasteries and convents are Barlaam or All Saints, The Great Meteoron or Metamorphosis, Holy Trinity (Agia Triada), Agios Stefanos, Rousanou and the Transfiguration of the Saviour.

Their churches, art work and not least their atmosphere make a pilgrimage here very rewarding. Whether you're interested in natural phenomena, ecclesiastical art and architecture or just simple sightseeing, you won't be disappointed.