Breath - taking scenery and the unique monasteries of Meteora


If you were to draw a line connecting Pieria in the north, Volos - Mt. Pelion on the southeast side of Thessaly and Kalambaka to the west of the broad Plain of Thessaly, you would have a triangle filled with interest for the visitor. A trip round the "high spots" of this triangle is surely well worth it.

What area could top Pieria, with its incomparable beaches on the one hand and the slopes and peaks of Mt. Olympos on the other; Volos surrouned by antiquities and Pelions' delightful traditional villages; or Kalambaka, with its curious rock formations and celebrated manadteries!

To help you get to know this wonder - filled triangle, we'll set out as before from Thessaloniki, but this time we'll head west and once we've crossed the big rivers that flow into the Thermaic Gulf - the Axios, the Loudias and Aliakmon - we'll bear south on the Thessaloniki - Athens national road parallel to the sea coast.