A trip round Peloponnese seeing scenic and historic spots


Stunning scenery at every turn, whether you happen to be along its incredibly varied coastline or in the mountains at its heart. Eons of history imprinted on its soil, monuments to past civilizations springing up at every step. The Peloponnese is an endless source of interest for the visitor. 

A trip round it is always an enjoyable experience, one made up of several sorter forays off the main road in quest of an ancient site, a Frankish castle, the perfect beach, a traditional village, or a breathtaking view. You'll encounter towns of various degrees of importance, harbours big and small, strips of tourist development and remote untouched areas, major monuments from the ancient world and delightful vestiges of more recent eras. Natural landmarks abound as well -famous caves, high mountains, and legendary lakes - and combined with all the opportunities for recreation and entertainment available, you 'll. Find in the Peloponnese more than enough to keep you busy for several holidays. And don't forget you can also extend your trip at several point and hop off to an island or two. Poros, Spetses and Hydra lie off the coast of the Argolid, Elafonisos and Kythera may tempt those who travel to Gytheion and the Mani, while Zakynthos, Kefalonia and Ithaca can be reached from Kyllini and Patras. We'll begin our tour of the Peloponnese with Patras, its biggest city and most important transportation node, especially as far as tourism is concerned. After strolling round the city, we'll cast a glance eastward at the lovely beaches of Achaia on the Corinthian Gulf and then return to take up our journey to the west and south.

The western part of the Peloponnese is lined with beaches, and we'll take the opportunity to pop over to Zakynthos and Kefalonia while we're in the vicinity. Further south and a bit island, Olympia is a must, followed by the beaches and sights of Messinia, the Mani and Laconia. From there we'll head up the shores of Arcadia to Kynouria, spending some time visiting the magnificent archaeological sites in the Argolid, which will bring us up to Corinth and the Isthmus and where, of course, we could just as easily have started.

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