Crete, the Cyclades, Rhodes and Kos


Delightful, attractive and famous, these Greek islands with their great natural beauty, archaeological treasures, and historic monuments offer exceptional possibilities for just about any kind of holiday. Many of them have highly developed resort districts, but all of them, large and small, have tranquil picturesque corners, wonderful beaches and their own unique personality.

In our brief survey of the Aegean islands, we'll visit Crete, several of the Cyclades, Rhodes, Kos and Astypalaia in the Dodekanese, and Chios - those islands, in other words, where there are licensed camp sites. We'll try to convey the essence of each island, the history, traditional and natural qualities that make it such an interesting place to visit.

Crete, the biggest island and one of the furthest south is also one of the richest in natural wonders, superb beaches, and history.